Trung Le

Trung Le is a skilled loan officer, investor, and realtor, always working to help clients achieve their dreams. As a refugee from Malaysia with an extensive history in the business world, Trung has a strong work ethic and determination that allows him to overcome challenges to benefit his clients.

Trung has a rich background in business, marketing, and real estate, providing him the experience necessary to bring success to his clients. He graduated with an associate’s degree in international marketing and owned a successful nail salon for 17 years, where he advanced his communication skills and personable approach. Trung is also a licensed realtor and has spent five years in the real estate industry, working as a residential investor, loan officer, and realtor.

With a keen eye for real estate investment, Trung has a vast portfolio of experience and valuable knowledge of financial opportunities. He consistently gives 110% to every project, providing guidance and support to his clients every step of the way. Trung’s unique blend of experience, dedication, and adventurous spirit makes him an ideal loan officer who understands everyone’s journey and helps them reach their goals.

Outside of work, Trung enjoys kayaking and swimming.

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