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At LT Realty Investment Advisors, we have many successful clients who have invested in San Antonio and Austin.

Investing in the wrong market could spell disaster for your portfolio. The I-35 Corridor from Austin to San Antonio is proving to be one of the fastest-growing markets in the country. With amazing job and population growth rapidly happening, now is the time to invest.

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Projected Austin and San Antonio region projected population growth*

Here’s Why

Capitalize on Commercial Growth!

Austin and San Antonio are on a growth collision course. The population of both metroplexes will skyrocket to
5.71 million by 2030. Companies like Apple, Dell, Samsung, Tesla, Amazon, and other Fortune 500 Companies have
set up headquarters from Austin to San Antonio, increasing the demand for residential growth.

By 2030, the I-35 corridor will be known as a hub of art, commerce, technology, and innovation with its own unique culture and lifestyle.
Austin and San Antonio will become a single mega-metro area.

32% of the population rents housing. Demand for rentals outweighs supply.
In fact, LT Realty properties are often rented in less than 5 days!

The time to invest in residential real estate is now. Don’t miss the opportunity!

34% Increase in population in 13-county I-35 Corridor





One of the fastest-growing economies in the US

People from all over the US are flocking to Austin and San Antonio due to its strong job market. That economic stability makes Austin and San Antonio a safe place for families to settle. Many cannot afford to live in the city, so they move to the suburbs for affordable rental homes. The advantage of this for an investor is long-term tenants and capital gains.

By 2030, the corridor will be known worldwide as a center of art, commerce, technology, and innovation, with its own unique culture and lifestyle. Population growth has out-paced new real estate development—the housing inventory here is low. Now is the time to invest as families from all over the world are looking for homes in Austin and San Antonio.

Facts about Austin & San Antonio

Austin has the second largest millennial population in the country.

47% of the population in Austin has a bachelor’s degree or higher

(US = 30%).

From 2014 to 2019, jobs increased by 11.4% in San Antonio. This change outpaced the national growth rate by 4.1%.

Racial diversity is high in San Antonio. The national average for an area this size is 997,634 racially diverse residents, while there are 1,676,325 in San Antonio.

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